Welcome to HerbalLocks!  We created the site on the philosophy that you can maintain healthy and beautiful hair with simple organic ingredients, not chemical-heavy cleansers.  Moreover, we think shampoos and conditioners shouldn’t cause more damage to your hair and skin than they cure.   With that in mind, we want to provide you with everything you need to know about organic remedies: discover coconut oil for hair and scalp revitalization, learn about the the best natural shampoos and conditioners, and enhance your hair’s beauty and fragrance with essential oils.  Most of all, enjoy caring for your hair the natural way!

Coconut Oil for Hair Benefits 

Give your hair the moisture and the strength it deserves with an ingredient that’s been used in tropical regions for thousands of years.

Natural Shampoos

Learn about the best organic shampoos for your hair type, as well as the many ingredients that make natural suds work their magic.

Natural Conditioners

Find out how to keep your scalp clean and healthy, and maintain your hair’s moisture with organic conditioners.

Essential Oils for Hair Benefits

Essential oils are for more than just aromatherapy.  Encapsulating the “essence” of many different plants and herbs, essential oils are a great way to strengthen your hair, add radiance, and prevent dandruff and other ailments.